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Posted on: August 07, 2017
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Seize the opportunity to grow your business using money provided by the Orem Revolving Loan Fund. This is not a bank and the lending requirements are different because the goal is economic development and creating jobs in Orem. If investing in your business by purchasing new equipment or hiring more employees is going to cause growth in the area, you could be a good candidate for the RLF.

To qualify you will need to create a new job for every $35,000 you want to borrow. If you can demonstrate this and a direct community benefit, you are on your way to receiving the cash you need. Learn more about the RLF and see if you qualify here, http://ow.ly/RgfF306AFG4

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Orem was the birthplace of WordPerfect which at one time was a dominant player in the word processor market.